Fresh start

I’ve created many kind of blogs to satisfy my random side but it never worked out well because I always left it abandoned. I once had a super mellow blog called lessguiltywords and heck that sounds super melancholic.

To be honest I’d like to tell you that I used to live at the verge of quarter life crisis because I was stuck with my job and I seriously had no idea about what I really want in life. Until one day I had a chance to visit a museum of modern art and I finally knew what I’ve ever wanted in life: practicing art.

Being an artist used to be the least choice that ever crossed my mind since long time ago, you know why… but now, I can say that it’s my main choice. I never sick of it, in fact I never get enough of doing it.

It seems late to start all over again, but it’s always better to be late than never 🙂


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