Three Drinks in Corfu

How can I forget you?
We spent the whole night in Corfu
We had one glass of wine or two

You were a stranger to my mind,
but we acted like we knew
We had nothing to prove

This conversation went from none to the bed
It was on the blank white sheet above my head
Confused me for a second whether it’s a pleasure or a threat

Then we had another gin to drink
my heart sore like it was about to burst
I couldn’t clearly think
But I had you to trust

morning came and you were gone
nothing but a memory of the utopian town
I finished it with the last cup of tea and scone

But you would never come back
at any second chance that I would never had
Last night there was no you
there was just me
sitting next to the ashes of you
tried so hard to make a conversation like it used to be.


Listen to the Corfu Town by @hauturemusic in Spotify for free



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