Your BFF


Rendezvouz (2017) – SketchBook for Android

She sat alone in the campus library busy typing lot of words on her laptop. She’s addicted to get to know stranger virtually, she will be online at anytime as long as she can find a virtual partner to share her dirty little secret.

Syracuse101: Wanna meet? (11.30 PM)

dWom4n13: I don’t do rendezvous w a stranger (11.30 PM)

Syracuse101: I thought we’r BFF </3 (11.31 PM)

dWom4n13: I’v nvr said dat, LOL (11.33 PM)

Syracuse101: Too late, I’ve knwn u (11.35 PM)

dWom4n13: nice try, I chnge my accnt at evry nu chat (11.35 PM)

Syracuse101: Im d only 1 prson who knows u, bcs evry1 u had a chat w was me (11.36 PM)

dWom4n13: U’r strange. Im out. (11.38 PM)

Syracuse101: Too late, Im rite here. (11.38 PM)

Syracuse101 goes OFFLINE.


“Nice to know your secret,” as she heard the voice, her vision started to fade away.

-CH for #socialstatus


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