If I Were A Red Head – Paper 53

I rarely do the self portrait, unlike my idol, Kahlo who expressed herself through her own self portraits. I, in fact, don’t like to have my face as the object of my works. I’ve never been a confident girl since whenever, because I’ve never considered myself beautiful.

Every woman is beautiful. They said.

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We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks (1959)


We love to be young and restless. We are the warrior of the day, we live for the moment because we can. We have no fear with what’s in¬† front of us, because life is just a temporary circumstance. We treat the life as if it’s a game we play everyday.

We let the sunlight strikes our eyes, our skin, and that’s how we feel alive. There’s no wrong for being not right, for being the late riser, for not being an obedient. Humans are animals, we are animals inside and we can’t deny. We’ll get savage, we’ll go crazy, we’ll bend and break, but we’re free.

There’s no sin of being bad, we break the rules for ourselves not to fail anybody. We swallow our pain, we breathe in the sadness, yet we secrete the laugh not the cry. We talk between gin, not wine, because our faith is thin, we don’t deserve His blood and that’s fine.

We get high in hot summer day, we listen to our favorite song and dance the night away. We don’t need tomorrow, all we need is today. We’ll spend the rest of the moment, like there’s no another day…

(Prose by Chandra H)

Social Media

I don’t want to blame the society, but now we are living in the era where it is so normal to let others know¬†anything about us. What we eat, what we drink, where we hang out, our latest selfie, branded hand soap and etc.

We live in the era where everybody has an access to channel their narcissistic nature throughout the social media. I can’t deny that I do sort of things too, such as posting my cooking creation of homemade steak straight from the kitchen, my favorite nail polish, to the series of my vacation photos.


Snap Before Eat – SketchBook Pro for iPad (2017)

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Room Collection 1.0

Recently I’m into drawing colorful room and interior, I think I miss some comfortable spaces I could not afford by living in apartment. Even though I love my apartment (I sometimes can reach everything within the distance of my arms’ length :p), I still crave for a space like home.

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The Best Among The Rest (?)

Many young educated fellows or some people who believe themselves as a professional experienced fellows think that they are the best at everything. Then, they start to overvalue themselves among others.

Is that true that they are great?


Lost In The Dream Land – Sketchbook for iPad (2017)

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Perfection has been craved by many people (especially women) since long time ago. The most well-known inspiration from an ancient era is Cleopatra. She underwent various kind of strange beauty procession to stay beautiful, from bathing in milk to applying pounded insects as lip colors.


Beauty on every woman (the collages of works) – instagram @mcabych

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