A Story About…

“Just… leave.”

She closed the door. She didn’t care, he might leave forever.

A while ago…

“Take me out tonight… Because I want to see people and I want to see life…”
“You love that song?”
“Am I too loud? I thought you won’t hear me because of the helmet.”
“No, it’s not too loud but I can hear you very clearly… do you love that song?”
“I don’t,” she answered.
“Then, why are you keep singing?”
“Because it’s a must song to sing every time you take me out, whether you ride a scooter or drive a car.”
“Silly… Wanna have some gelato?” he chuckled.
“Let’s go!” she shouted enthusiastically.

Two years passed.

“Never trust anyone interfering your relationship… if you’re happy with them, keep it close, keep the problem away.”

Three years passed.

He never be found at sight.
She lost him forever.

Four years passed.


Then she deleted the typing she made and the text never be sent.

Five years passed.

She never knew, whether he ever wondered her reason… or he might never be cared at all.

Six years passed.

She smiled. She was in love, but not to him anymore. Yet the regret still remained.

Seven years passed.

If love never hurts… you never actually learn how to love.

She smiled. Reminiscing the day when she first learned to bend and break because of love.

-CH (March 2017)



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