MoMA Course Final Assignment


Recently I’m taking an art course from Coursera that is held by Museum of Modern Art NYC, and now I’ve just done the final assignment. The assignment gives me a task to deliver my opinion in 500 words towards module that resonated with me the most. I found that Art and Identity that the syllabus provided to me is very interesting and the module is talking about the works made by Frida Kahlo, Glenn Ligon, and Andy Warhol. Besides the artists that mentioned are my favorite, I find it very interesting to look after the viewpoint that they uttered through their works.

Bellow is my explanation for the assignment’s question that may attract my blog readers as well 🙂

In my opinion one module that gives a deeper meaning is the module 3: Art and Identity. I found it very interesting to understand who the artist actually is, why he/she creates such an art, and find a deeper meaning behind their creations.

I’m very interested with topic about Frida Kahlo, she is very famous for her feminist movement. Knowing her story that she lived with her disabilities as well as had a very tough life during her childhood even when she became an adult, her works show everything depicted on her self-portraits. The painting where she wore her husband’s clothes really gets me (Self Portraits with Cropped Hair). That painting was made right after her divorce with Diego Rivera, the painting shows how she really wanted to be an independent woman after her separation with Diego. The expression looks sad yet strong, but the background shows nothing that makes the painting showing despair even more.

I also find Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird very interesting yet painful, it seems like she tried to leave a symbol of her sadness and pain during her self exclusion from the society in La Casa Azul. Her works make a sense for me that contemporary art is an art of freedom to express when there was a time where women weren’t allowed to express themselves explicitly.

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Besides of Kahlo’s works I also put my interest on Basquiat’s, which for me pretty much the same with Kahlo’s works in terms of self-expression. Basquiat made a lot of works attacking the system of racism and supporting the class struggle. His works is very unique because he combined words, poet, as well as a drawing in one big situation on his painting media. Basquiat works are quite radical and brave criticizing the system that still understated the black people on his era.

During Kahlo’s era, women weren’t very appreciated as much as women today, her struggle to be one of the most influential artists regardless her gender and her disability has been a huge message to the world that she was a woman with a talent and she supposed to receive an opportunity that may open the same opportunity for other women as well. While Basquiat works have a message that skin color is not a limit for anybody to express their talent or to be anything they want.

Both artists that I mentioned before had given me a clear understanding that contemporary art is a form of art freedom, whether you are black or you are a woman, you can express yourself through an art. Art is for everyone, art doesn’t need your degree, your age, your social status, those reasons make the idea of contemporary art resonated in my thought.

To be honest, I at first had a very huge interest in art, although I’m not an art-school graduate I always have a curiosity in understanding art especially contemporary art. Learning this module had given me the opportunity to understand how contemporary art really works on getting into the viewers thought. A message is very related to the society and it can be a tool of critic and warning to the current system that sometimes is not in line with the ideal.



Tar-Tar-Tar Lead-Lead-Lead

50 Cent Piece

Obnoxious Liberals


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