She’s Love By Sally Bourke


She’s Love (July 2, 2016) – Sally Bourke (taken from her Instagram page at

Medium: oil and acrylic on archival mount, 102 cm x 87 cm

I’d like to write about one artist I found in Instagram, her name is Sally Bourke. She’s an Australian artist born in 1973 and her works mostly include an abstract face of a person with an eerie look. Among her interesting works, this painting really caught my eyes besides the bloody red color that she chose to paint the face she intended. Since I haven’t been to her exhibition and just knowing her works through her website, I can’t exactly tell the philosophy behind this certain painting I chose.

Although this painting has not so much information mentioned except the title and the medium she used, I would like to share my personal view regarding to this painting. I see this is about a woman who fell in love and finally she lost herself because of love. The eyes of the woman looks real and deep, but her face seems abstract and it leaves an eerie overall look. Seems the woman is dead inside, she cried a lot because of love, her eyes getting red because of the unstoppable tears. Maybe Sally Bourke tried to show the look or the feeling of the people on her surroundings or maybe it’s about herself.

This painting give me a sad feeling that love has left her (the object) in despair but she will never stop loving. This painting maybe tried to attract the viewer to feel what’s the object has felt. The red color may give two meanings: either it’s a feeling of love, or anger. In this painting, the red color is quite pinkish and it creates an illusion that the woman is skinless. She is just made of flesh not merely a dead flesh but a flesh that can feel something that’s called as love.

Sally Bourke’s works mostly give a mysterious impression on every paintings she made, the abstract faces and the detailed eyes with an empty stare. She also likes to use contrast colors to give a clear statement of the object against the background. Those characteristics have made Sally Bourke’s works recognizable and attractive.


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