Perfection has been craved by many people (especially women) since long time ago. The most well-known inspiration from an ancient era is Cleopatra. She underwent various kind of strange beauty procession to stay beautiful, from bathing in milk to applying pounded insects as lip colors.


Beauty on every woman (the collages of works) – instagram @mcabych

Not only for women actually, perfection has been desired by the artists or architectures since forever. Have you heard about golden ratio? That’s the most basic ratio that is believed by many people from the years back as the ratio of perfection. From the construction of Parthenon to Giza pyramid, even to the face structure of Monalisa.

Perfection is basically desired by many people at many aspects, if it’s not for beauty then it’s desired to be applied in society. Philosophers had tried so many ways to create the best model of society and statecraft. Until there was a time where Machiavelli and Thomas More poured their ideal of society into books like Prince and Utopia. Machiavelli contradicts the ideal society, he believes that the ideal society is not going to happen because human tends to have the corrupt traits, while Thomas More believes there will come the time that ideal society will be realized.

But why is it so important to be perfect for some people?

Because we have been fed by the idea of being perfect is what achievement or pride looks like since the day we started to learn to speak. People is being liked if they are good looking or if they are smart or if they are rich. At least you have to possess one of those criteria to be seemed perfect. Are we all living in a dollhouse?

We struggle to be perfect everyday: nail every exams with A, work in a high salary company, plan every single moment to make it as smooth as possible… and etc. Advertising persuades us to be perfect, every corner of the world suggests that being perfect is positive and we all know perfection requires more than we already have. A beautiful woman undergoes a surgery to get more beautiful, rich man corrupts to be richer, and still many ways people will do to be in the top of others.

We have to understand that we are not imperfect at all, in fact, everybody is perfect. If you feel that you are lack on something, always remember that you are more on other things, and that what makes you perfect. There’s no such things that you are perfect in all the way: maybe you’re pretty but you always feel lonely; or maybe you are rich, but you’re wife and children never be there for you; or you have disabilities but you are a very successful businessman; or you may not be pretty but you have a very loving family and friends that support you at anything.

You are always fulfilled, you just don’t realize it yet… be grateful for what you have now, before it’s all taken away.


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