Room Collection 1.0

Recently I’m into drawing colorful room and interior, I think I miss some comfortable spaces I could not afford by living in apartment. Even though I love my apartment (I sometimes can reach everything within the distance of my arms’ length :p), I still crave for a space like home.

Living in this era got me thinking that living isn’t as easy as Ella Fitzgerald “Summertime” song. Urban people living with the fast pace kind of life, and sleep is not a priority anymore since some people even believe it as a waste of time (seriously pals?).

It turns out that most urban people prefer to live in small apartment as the cheaper option for accommodation, since they spend most of their time in the office. Urban people save money for entertainment most of the time, or for shopping, and some of them who are urban families save money for buying house / car / to afford their children needs. No wonder at the time being, working hard and saving more in accommodation are the priority.

Urban people has been accustomed to live in a small space like studio apartment (but I’m lucky that I live in two bedrooms apartment and that’s more comfortable where bedroom and kitchen are separated), in Tokyo some people are living in a super tight space with no chance to stretch your arms.

The more I experience living an urban lifestyle, the more I realize there are so many things I missed to be thanked for when I was young, such as: dinner with family, house with yard, and the spare time.

Jakarta is the city where I live now, I used to dream about working in Jakarta to earn more money than living in a small city. It’s true I can earn more money, but I can’t fulfill the desire to live peacefully in a small house with a big yard (with some fat cats surrounded me).

Money isn’t the only source of fulfillment that I’ve been truly looking for, because as I get older, the real fulfillment is having a rejoiced heart and peaceful mind that I can’t afford by living in urban society.


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