The Best Among The Rest (?)

Many young educated fellows or some people who believe themselves as a professional experienced fellows think that they are the best at everything. Then, they start to overvalue themselves among others.

Is that true that they are great?


Lost In The Dream Land – Sketchbook for iPad (2017)

Some people believe that they know everything yet they actually know a thing or two which not even close to a real mega-superiority thing that should be proud of. They believe that they are the best among others considering the great experience they had back then. When they start living the real life, they become stuck at the moment and question their life like: “Why life is pretty hard for a great value personal like me? I mean… c’mon I graduated from a top notch university, I won this, I won that, I’m good at this and at that… but why I can only earn this much?”

Maybe you have heard anything like this:

“I’m not going to apply to this firm because it’s a small firm. Who will do the small firm if your experience is totally fit for the big firm instead? I aim high.”

“I’ve never seen a very shoddy company like this one… I don’t need to learn anything, I know more than this company can teach me.”

“I went to Bucharest for exchange program and I nailed many debates competitions, but heck! This company just deploy me to work for an amateur job. Even the wage is totally below my expectation and not even equal to my knowledge value.”

Maybe they have what so called Dunning-Kruger Effect or a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, thinking that their ability is higher than what actually is. Dunning and Kruger studied about how the high/low-ability individuals may react to their own competence. Usually the high ability individuals may assume their competence is similar with others while the low ability individuals think that some tasks they do is not for everyone’s ability.

When you meet this type of person, don’t get intimidated or get hooked to brag yourself back to them, always remember the Dunning-Kruger Effect, all of the greatness are mere illusion (lol). Bragging the past achievement will not change your fate today, it’s not like saying “I was a UPenn grad” will change your salary like your VP may earn. If you want to be great and have a real value on yourself, just work hard for that, keep working hard and let the success be your noise.

I love Frank Ocean.


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