Social Media

I don’t want to blame the society, but now we are living in the era where it is so normal to let others know anything about us. What we eat, what we drink, where we hang out, our latest selfie, branded hand soap and etc.

We live in the era where everybody has an access to channel their narcissistic nature throughout the social media. I can’t deny that I do sort of things too, such as posting my cooking creation of homemade steak straight from the kitchen, my favorite nail polish, to the series of my vacation photos.


Snap Before Eat – SketchBook Pro for iPad (2017)

Why Instagram is so famous among our society? Because it gives us opportunity to show the best image of ourselves. It contains filters, and other supportive apps to make our pictures standout among the rest. Instagram gives us the visualization of how awesome we are even in the darkest despair by: letting us post a picture of sunset from our last trip in Maldives and put a wise caption like “traveling gives you the opportunity to experience different point of view, cultures, and moments that are not going to happen twice”.

Obviously you’re not posting fabulous pictures just to give some wise words. You’re being show off to your followers (or even to your stalkers), without being extremely too frank bout it. No worries, that happens to me and mostly to everyone with gadgets and Instagram apps.

But to be honest, spending hours scrolling thru the timeline in Instagram will get you go crazy for real. You’ll be somewhat feel uncomfortable with yourself because you may feel a bit jealous to the certain posts from people you follow. Maybe you can’t afford a designer bag while one of your ‘friends’ has just posted it in Instagram with caption like “my new baby”. That will particularly get you burn inside somehow.

Don’t you sick of people being show off? Yeah I used to be sick of it, but rather than getting sick because irrationally unimportant thing like that I’m at the stage of accepting it instead. I don’t have to show off back what I’ve just bought, or what I’ve just eaten just because some people flooded my timeline with their Michelin stars brunch or their “just arrived babies” (read: branded bag or shoes).

Coffee For Lyfe – SketchBook Pro for iPad (2017)

“Don’t show something that’s not worth a purpose. Such as your lunch, your cat, something like that… show your work!” – Austin Kleon

I remember something that Austin Kleon ever said in one of his books: “Don’t show something that’s not worth a purpose. Such as your lunch, your cat, something like that… show your work!”. That’s totally knocking me on the head, “Show your work!” that’s the keywords. Then it gives me a confidence to begin my art account in Instagram (@MCAbyCH) months ago and WordPress blog (this one) and thus what encourage me to create something with purpose.

My purpose is to show people what I’ve been working on, getting feedback for the works I’m doing, and at the same time appreciate other people works too. That’s how a social media could be used for 🙂


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