If I Were A Red Head – Paper 53

I rarely do the self portrait, unlike my idol, Kahlo who expressed herself through her own self portraits. I, in fact, don’t like to have my face as the object of my works. I’ve never been a confident girl since whenever, because I’ve never considered myself beautiful.

Every woman is beautiful. They said.

Then it comes to the false advertisement that has dragged us into the cliff of self doubt and self-confidence issue. Every woman can be beautiful if… they are slim, they are brunette, they are fair skinned, they are long haired, they have dimples… etc.

You are not Aphrodite. Even in a classical painting Aphrodite never seems to be slim or skinny.

You are what you are.

Stop the pills, stop your obsession to be somebody else. You don’t have to be anorexic to be beautiful, or undergo the surgery to change your body and face.

Never be intimidated with other people’s standard of beauty, not even scared to be ignored by the men. Those men who value your appearance more than your brain and attitude are worth to dump. They don’t deserve you. At all.

I’ve never been a beautiful girl, but then I met someone who loves me when I’m sleeping with my ugly-ass face, when I don’t put my make up on, when I’m in my slouchy pajamas, when I’m fat or skinny… and basically he shares the abundance of love for me unconditionally and that’s enough to make me feel beautiful.

Soon, you’ll meet that special someone who treats you special for what you are.


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