Budak Korporasi

Untuk pertama kalinya saya mengisi blog ini dengan post berbahasa Indonesia, bukan saya berlaku sok bule dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai pengantar utama blog saya, hanya saja saya ingin tulisan saya dapat dibaca secara luas di seluruh dunia. Namun untuk kali ini post berbahasa Indonesia saya buat agar lebih mengena ke pembaca Indonesia secara umum. Tentunya postingan inipun akan kelak diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris dengan tujuan yang sama, agar dapat dibaca secara global.

Sebelum memulai tulisan ini saya ingin memperkenalkan kata “working class group” kepada para pembaca sekalian. Apakah kata ini cukup familiar?

Working class group: A group of people who works for wages especially manual or industrial laborers.

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The Wine of Loneliness


Source: pixabay.com

Cheers you said
I frown and feel dead

What are we celebrating?
Is it a moment where you’re leaving?

One last glass of wine to end it all
In a memory of despair we fall

Through the goods and bads we had
Just like a smile that seems like sad

I love to see your eyes and lips,
The only thing I wish to keep
Every night and day in every beat.

Our past is like a ghost
But it’s always been the only thing I love the most.

Perfect Soulmate


Wedding Day (2016) – SketchBook Pro for iPad

Maybe some of my readers aren’t single and devoted, or maybe some of you aren’t single but still looking for better companion, or you are totally single and ready to mingle. Whatever your status is… no matter how big your crush towards anybody and call em perfect, you’ll never find them perfect at the end. They’re just humans and humans aren’t perfect at all.

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Mosaert // Stromae

I don’t usually give review towards a brand, but today I’m so excited to finally write about it since I’ve become a big fan of it and I literally call this one as “inspiration”. Well, actually  I’m quite familiar with other multi-products brand such as Maison Kitsune, I found that they products are very chic with a combined taste of French x Japanese style. Kitsune is quite widely known in many countries, even in Indonesia. I believe there must’ve been so many fashion blogs in Indonesia review the brand, unlike the one that I’m about to discuss .

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Story of The Three Women

This is the story of the three young women against the odds, they live in unconventional life. They are strangers in their own world, they are not like others, but they are one of the kind. You may love them, you may hate them, there’s no wrong to take sides. Now come closer, let me tell their story for you…

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Random quote template I made in 2010 with Paper by 53

How many mistakes have you done in your life? Countless?

It’s good to have mistakes, from the small error to a terrible blunder. Mistakes make us learn to evolve, it improves us, and it changes us. People can only be improved by learning, it’s not only from school but something that can teach them outside the school.

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