A Deadly Loneliness – SketchBook Pro for iPad (Mar, 2017)

Smile… Smile… Smile…
Cry… Cry… Cry…

I fake it all.

Seems like I’m succeed,
With the faux imagery I did.

They never see me down,
But I’m falling out my throne.

I’m a fool,
Even worse than a poor.

Kill me now,
Before the silence kill me tomorrow.


This is a story of a man who is living on his fame, yet so lonely. He used to live in a warmth of the family and loyal friends, until one by one started to leave him. He chose his path to live with the fame and fortune, he forgot those will not stay forever.

He realizes that he was so wrong, now he just need a heartfelt for his cold lonely life.

The scene is taken in a living room with colorful decoration but the furniture has been very worn. The vibrant colors were chosen to represent the dynamic crowd, while the man is wearing dark colored clothes to represent the loneliness and melancholy. The picture shows that the man has just cut his wrist to suicide since he can’t endure his loneliness and imagery no more.


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