Random quote template I made in 2010 with Paper by 53

How many mistakes have you done in your life? Countless?

It’s good to have mistakes, from the small error to a terrible blunder. Mistakes make us learn to evolve, it improves us, and it changes us. People can only be improved by learning, it’s not only from school but something that can teach them outside the school.

Once we learn from mistakes, it doesn’t mean we correct them for ourselves, it can be a lesson we share to other people we care about. Such as to your children, your spouse, your best friends, etc.

If I have to mention one big mistake that lead me into a failure for some reason, I can tell that my mistake is when I didn’t pursue my degree in art school because I didn’t want to upset my parents. If only I could ever insist them to let me enter the art school, I would never regret every second of my life working in a company I never wanted to involve in.

I work in a place I work today because my degree made me. If I ever entered the art school, for sure even in million years, I would never be a 9-5 employee. I might probably take a scholarship for Master of Art and have my own gallery somewhere in Melbourne. But no, I’m struggling at making an art blog and starting my art career from a scratch. I can’t even find any reputable University that will accept me in their Master of Art program considering my previous degree that has nothing to do with it. Even my experience won’t support me in anything related with art major.

I almost give up my dream. But no, apparently I’m a headstrong and I’ll keep going.

Acknowledging my mistake and striving to fix it are things I gotta do now. Maybe it’ll be tougher, it can’t be easier, but I know I can do it. Knowing what I want in life is a powerful charm I should have in order to keep on track and be consistent. I can’t lie that I’m not jealous to people who can achieve their dream smoothly, I do jealous of them. But I look closely to those who achieve their dream in a hard way, they must’ve passed many mistakes and failure to be they are now.

They are stronger and better because mistakes toughen them.

Maybe I’m a copycat, but I surely want to copy their success through mistakes.

I’m on my way.


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