Susan Sontag on Love (and Sex)


Sontag – Paper by 53 for iPad

I wish I could be as eloquent and clever as her, she’s an idol… well for me, she is.

Is anybody ever read her works?

Among many of her brilliant essays and writings, I’ve always attracted with her writing about love and its correlation with sex. Shall both go together? Some may say yes.

Sontag believes that love doesn’t have to drive sex, in fact she believes in some sort of platonic love. Platonic love is pretty much like, you really engage with that person so much (sometimes in an erotic way, but not erotic like… the usual meaning, you know) but it doesn’t mean you wanna take your clothes off and start to have sex with them. You just simply can’t live without them because you feel connected mentally and spiritually with them.

The platonic love doesn’t necessarily make you uncomfortable to hug or peck the one you love, you still want to hug them, sometimes give a peck but those won’t lead you to have sex with them. It’s like when you love your friend, you care about them. That doesn’t make you want a sexual relationship with them.

Also, platonic love seems very universal and it’s actually another degree of closeness towards somebody. The platonic love is not limited to the opposite gender only, it is for both genders. Simply to whoever you feel connected and comfortable with.

I used to believe sort of the idea Sontag used to utter in her essay about love and sex, because that makes sense that love doesn’t have to be anything sexual.

No wonder that human is actually capable to love more than one person for the rest of their life. The form of love that human can possess is not only a typical love to their spouse, but also tens to hundreds sporadic platonic love to other human beings. But human should be careful when the platonic love for somebody else turns into some kind of dependency towards someone other than our spouse. Something that human has to be aware of: a thin border between a mere platonic and infidelity.


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