Story of The Three Women

This is the story of the three young women against the odds, they live in unconventional life. They are strangers in their own world, they are not like others, but they are one of the kind. You may love them, you may hate them, there’s no wrong to take sides. Now come closer, let me tell their story for you…


The Rascal Deborah – SketchBook for iPad

Deborah “Debbie” Vermont

She barely knew her father, while her mother busy sleeping around with many rich men to keep on living. Her skin is pale white, her heart is so numb it turned into stone. She’s enjoy having many affairs with women, she never trust men. She works in a jazz bar near her cramped flats in Greenwich Village. She first met Sonja at the club where she worked as a bartender before working in a nearby bar. In the club she worked before she used to see Sonja came to the club with several different male-partners. She’s currently single but having sort of romantic interest towards Lilian.


The Strong Heart Lilian – SketchBook for iPad

Lilian “Lili” Irvin

Lilian didn’t choose to be a high class prostitute for the sake of her own wealth, she had to take care of her ill father and pay for her sisters education. Her mother abandoned the family once she figured out that her father company went bankrupt. Her mother left them and went to Paris with a man she had an affair with. Lilian father never knew that his first daughter has become a prostitute for some high class men in Upper West Side to pay for his chemotherapy treatment. Lilian met Sonja and Deborah in a jazz bar where Deborah’s working.


The Sassy Sonja – SketchBook for iPad

Sonja Octora Krayevsky

Her mother departed to the States in 1991 and became an immigrant with no fluency in English at all. Her mother is a single parent due to the separation with her abusive father. Her mother worked in a factory fodder to support the family which consists of four daughters while Sonja is the youngest. Later when three of her sisters were grown up as adults, they worked as escort lady for upper class men in Vegas. The three sisters never told their mother for what they do for living, until Sonja became a teenager and figured out what her sisters have done to make a living. Sonja is the only child of Krayevsky family who went to university with a help of local state government. She started her career as research assistant in the university. She once fell in love with her professor but she was very devastated figured out that the professor only took her for granted and later, left her abandoned. She started dating many men for fun because she can’t stand being alone yet she never trust any men to have serious relationship with her.

Now… tell me, how do you like them all?


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