Mosaert // Stromae

I don’t usually give review towards a brand, but today I’m so excited to finally write about it since I’ve become a big fan of it and I literally call this one as “inspiration”. Well, actually  I’m quite familiar with other multi-products brand such as Maison Kitsune, I found that they products are very chic with a combined taste of French x Japanese style. Kitsune is quite widely known in many countries, even in Indonesia. I believe there must’ve been so many fashion blogs in Indonesia review the brand, unlike the one that I’m about to discuss .

Maybe some of you are familiar with “Mosaert” yet some of you may have no idea about it at all. I have been knowing this brand for this past two years. The genius behind this is Paul Van Haver or broadly known as Stromae. He’s a Belgian musician, rapper, and songwriter while by the time goes by, he becomes more into entrepreneurship by launching his capsule product series together with his wife, Coralie Barbier. Stromae is also known as a man behind number one hit in Europe, “Alors On Danse”.

Paul a.k.a Stromae has a super creative way in delivering his music to the public. He started his Stromae Lesson in a very most entertaining way, he acts like a music teacher and shows the viewers step by step in making his music. His on stage performance is also very fascinating, he uses lights and visual to create the amusing atmosphere for the concert-goers. He’s also the man who made the music instrumental for Lorde’s song: “Meltdown” that became the opening song for Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 1.

It seems not enough for him to hit the music industry like a storm, it can be proved that Stromae and his wife are the mastermind couple behind the dandy-look capsule collections of Mosaert as well. Coralie was Stromae’s personal stylist along the years. There’s nothing more attractive than a chic and creative lady that might bring Stromae head over heels. She’s the mastermind behind hyper-flashy colors of classic cutting clothing of Mosaert capsule collections. She’s inspired by vibrant African patterns combined with the inspiring works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, Dutch graphic artist from early 1900.

Mosaert has vision to make their clothing products unlimited to everyone, regardless their genders, age, physical appearance, etc. The label is in line with Stromae’s music which usually include the lyric that’s very humanist and against double standard. They take art to the next level, not just about business, but the message is very resonated with the idea of unity and equality to everyone.

What’s your works’ vision?



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