Perfect Soulmate


Wedding Day (2016) – SketchBook Pro for iPad

Maybe some of my readers aren’t single and devoted, or maybe some of you aren’t single but still looking for better companion, or you are totally single and ready to mingle. Whatever your status is… no matter how big your crush towards anybody and call em perfect, you’ll never find them perfect at the end. They’re just humans and humans aren’t perfect at all.

Never expect someone perfect approaching at your sight, you aren’t perfect either, nobody will.

Not in million years you’ll find the perfect man or woman to be your spouse, but there’s only one in million person who’ll end up complete your imperfection. That will be your soulmate, your spouse.

If you’re looking the most perfect one, I guarantee you nothing but end up miserable believing every man or woman should be like one in Barbara Cartland’s books. You might find other grass is greener, your friends’ husband or wife are better than yours, but are you sure? Every couple has their own problem, you just don’t know it. Maybe other people be jealous of you because you have a perfect husband or wife to die for while you don’t realize it.

To whoever you end up with, they’re the best among the rest to be chosen accompanying you for the rest of your life. If your marriage fails, I hope it’s not because of the third party.

Be grateful, love your spouse unconditionally.



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