“Handmade” Wedding

This topic is out of the normal context I usually write, but I just kinda feel like talking about my #majorthrowbackmoment in October 2016.

Nowadays outdoor party is very popular among the young couple, but my husband and I already craved for this since years before it was even booming. It’s my dream wedding since I was in the college.

We prepared our wedding 8 months before with not many people or friends knew our preparation. We had this kind of superstition that if too many people acknowledging our wedding plan or relationship, we were afraid that our plan would be disturbed and some people might involve too much and ruined things (LOL… paranoids!)

My wedding party’s theme was Rustic-Bohemian, we invited 300 guests (which is too small for Indonesian but too big for Western). Apparently the attending guests were about 250 pax and it was good that we could mingle to most of them. We spent less than US$ 15,000 for the wedding party in Bandung, while on average Indonesian will spend US$ 30,000 ~ US$ 55,000 for one night feast. Maybe for some Indonesians it wasn’t really worthy to spend less for the once in a life celebration, but for us, we were satisfied with the money we spent and some money we saved for other necessity in our future married-life (honeymoon also counts).


Wedding dress that I designed (tailored by Pak Suyatno) and hubby’s ‘instant’ suit

My husband bought a well tailored wedding suit from a major fashion retail brand and a customized lace shoes from a leather shoe-maker in Bandung. While my wedding dress were designed by myself to be used again later, so it wasn’t a waste to have a wedding dress that later can be worn as a night party dress for other occasions. I also bought a pair of wedding slippers from a major fashion retail brand.

Our pre-wed photos were taken during my family trip to Seoul, with the help from a tripod and DSLR we took our pictures many freakin times in one spot to create the most natural pose (LoL). We enjoyed it so much, though… I also made an invitation blog in wulanlintang.tumblr.com and the e-invitation to be sent from mobile phone. I prepared the bridesmaid gift bag which costs less than US$ 35 per bag for: Revlon Nail Enamels, Maybeline lipsticks, handmade flower crown, and fringe outer.

The event went very well started from the bride and groom opening speech, opening performance from me and husband, photo session, mingle, throwing bouquet, pinata party, and the final dance. We chose two guests with the best dressed as well, there were two of my friends got the shopping vouchers for being the winner of the best dress. We also put three shopping vouchers inside the pinata that my husband smashed. The total prize we gave to the guests were nothing more than US$ 60 (including the candies inside the pinata) which is very reasonable.

I’ve never regretted the decision we made for the boho-like wedding party we had, it was a chill party, with close friends and relatives around, and less costly for sure. I know that it’s once in a life, but why should be a splendor for one night occasion? Glad that we had a party where everybody in the room know each other and even mingle to each other. Glad to see them satisfied and less awkward. Maybe that’s another reason why we always wanted our wedding party to be private and small.

Thanks to:

Photography : Polar Photography
WO & decor : V’nize Organizer
Band : Alto Music
Make Up : Ayung Berinda
Venue & Catering : Malaka Hotel
Cakes : Baker Street Bandung
Dress : Suyatno (Purwokerto)


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