Personal Space and Social Media


Personal Space by Gemma Correll (from

Do you know what is personal space?

Merriam-Webster has the definition of it as:  the distance from another person at which one feels comfortable when talking to or being next to that other person.

In literal meaning personal space is more like a “gap” or area between us and others in order to fulfill our personal comfort. Is it always a physical thing? How’s bout our privacy, feeling, or something within us which is intangible? I don’t know if it’s correct or not since I still consider that as a part of the personal space. For me, it is pretty irritating as much as not having a physical gap from others if people interfere my intangible personal space.

Social media makes us being dependent to it, we voluntary share our personal space (our idea, our judgement, even our secret) to the cyber wold with the people we don’t even know personally. Social media has become a sanctuary to release people’s needs of attention and praise. They slowly lose their real personal space as well as the opportunity to dwell and contemplate what’s right/wrong. It seems like there’s no boundary of privacy because it’s ourselves who intend to share it.

After years living as one of the social media users (or junkie sometimes), I’m about to be honest how a personal statement towards someone else which is posted in the social media will ruin you. I used to hate someone that much because one/two faults he did. It wouldn’t be that bad actually if I took sometimes to consider whether or not it is really necessary to be consumed with my own perception and bad judgment toward that person. I was young, and reckless… I twitted and blogged about my sentimental judgement, I didn’t even care about how my words would hurt that person.

Turned out some people who followed me in my social media page acknowledged my story from the beginning I started my hateful comments. Some friends were sympathized and other friends said I was just too much and too dramatic. My own perception had ruined my kinship with that person, it was too late when I realized what I uttered in the social media was just a mere exaggeration. It was kinda awkward to apologize to that person as well as changed people perception towards me because of my previous statement.

I wasn’t aware with the impact of being too naive in using the social media, I failed to be a wise user. I shared my personal space more than I should, I ignored my opportunity to think and consider the consequence I would face for being too reckless and impulsive. Some people might judge me for being a desperate person or an attention seeker, but I had to accept that as the result of what I did for judging and blaming someone and made them like a perpetrator. I should have been very careful in showing my feeling and perception to the public, it definitely ruined my privacy and image.

As an adult, now I learned my mistake and I became wiser in facing the utilization of social media. I actively use instagram with two accounts: art account (@mcabych) and personal account (with no desperate captions but a boring caption to avoid people make a wrong interpretation). I’m open to show some of my works and things I like in instagram, also my common thought towards issue, not a personal judgement towards one individual in my blog. I don’t feel like showing anything sentimental to the public as much as I did before. I know how risky it was, and that was enough.


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