Money Matters


Eyes on the root, your society is endangered – Sketchbook for iPad (2017)

Recently I have something in mind relating with the white collar society’s lifestyle. As one of those corporate’s labors, I know some assholes working in the company are just being assholes to fulfill their socialite-like lifestyle. You know… it’s all about the capability to afford nice cars or buy their wives luxurious bag.

Nobody can stand living with no money, that’s how the company or superior makes their employees working hard and licking ass that much. Some people being a yes man just because they want to save their position, their benefit and monthly wage. Some people are just being honest and rely on their intelligence alone. Those people who work with their intelligence most likely be successful in certain “healthy” companies/bureaucracy while the ass-lickers can be more successful in some corrupt company/bureaucracy.

I’m just disgusted to see such people exist surround me. What they care about is to afford something fancy with such a shoddy and shallow way in a short time. The lure of having more salary and benefit make some employees get blind to reach the top whatever the ways they can take. Sadly this attitude is pretty common in Indonesian companies, that may cause some people with lack capabilities can hold such an important position with high wage just because he’s a “yes man” (pretty much like an ass-licker for me), so the boss will like them.

Everything is for the sake of something that called money. This is how our society gets ruined. They don’t care how their attitude may hurt somebody, how their decision will harm other people, as long as they can get the money and spend it like a king. This attitude is more flourishing in a “supportive” environment where being a jerk get them to the top. Apparently, Indonesia is pretty infamous as a country with a long history of corrupt leaders, so this attitude is pretty usual to see in a bureaucratic environment.

Something should be changed, life is not just about money and power. Life is not just bragging your new car because you’ve just got promoted as a manager for being a “yes man” or having a big pride for carrying the latest collection of Balenciaga by get rid of your co-workers cruelly. I seriously don’t know when this damaged society in Indonesia can be fixed. No wonder many talented and intelligent people from Indonesia who can’t stand being treated unfairly prefer to move to the foreign country and start a better life. Because they feel like there’s no room for them to be valued fairly by just considering their skill and intelligent, if they still need to keep up with the corrupt society that has been inherited since long time ago (Indonesians know since when).


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