Even The Genius Used To Fail

Husband and I are recently watching NatGeo series titled Genius which featured the world legend in science, Albert Einstein. Well, even though I’m not really a fan of Albert Einstein that much (knowing the history of his experiment wouldn’t be this successful without his scientist wife, Mileva Maric whom he cheated from), I have to admit that his story opens my eyes from the fact that even a legendary genius had to experience a hardship in pursuing his dream.



He is an idealist who was trapped in the situation where he should decide whether following his dream and idealist mind to be a scientist or just following the stream to work in a patent office and living the bourjois life. Considering his little family might need money for living, working in a patent office with good salary seems good for most of the people including his friends and mother.

He published four papers in a year with no response, his last paper titled: Mass-Energy equivalence (known for his E=mc^2) finally brought him to be recognised in the academic world, at the age of 26. After five years of frustrating life since his graduation, ultimately he could taste the victory of being recognised for his scientific works. His dream almost came true…


Young Einstein played by Johnny Flynn taken from Global News

His academic career was fully recognised after he was appointed to be a lecturer at the University of Bern in 1908 and he became a full professor at the German Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague two years later. It was such a long way for a genius like Einstein to live his dream, he took nearly 11 years to be an actual scientist and academic.

Who are we willing to give up on our dream just because we failed in one or three years? Maybe some of us are not even married, or having children, we don’t even have that much burden in life but we decide to give up so easily, shoud we give up and listen to the people for the impossibilities instead of the possibilities? There’s always an opportunity even it’s less than 1%, that’s still an opportunity to be fought for.

Einstein once thought that maybe his Mother and friends were right that he better pursue his life as a pattent officer, having enough salary, and house. He almost gave up, but at his lowest point of nearly giving up he still had that passion, deep down there he still wanted to prove his groundbreaking thought in a science world. One night when he played a wooden train toy with his son, Hans, he suddenly got an idea for his outstanding paper of relativity theory.

The story of Einstein shows us the result for being passionate may never fails us, hard-work and passion will never betray you. Doesn’t matter how much obstacles and lack of support from people around you, it won’t matter if you keep going on tirelessly. Just like what Lana Del Rey says: “Cause we’re the masters of our own fate, we’re captains of our own souls.” We choose the best for ourselves by ourselves, no room for others’ unecessary judgement.

This series is totally worth to watch!


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