Counterfeit Product


Personal collection:

I don’t like seeing too many people, including their noise and their fake courtesy. If you think I’m a weird sociopath, no I’m afar from that label (maybe sometimes). My personality test says that I’m an extrovert, but sometimes my extrovert side doesn’t work all the time. I’m more like an ambivert. Sometimes I get wild and crazy with people around me, sometimes I get so bitter that my words can bite them to death. It’s just depend on the situation and the person I interact with.

I just wanna be real. Even when it’s not easy to get along with people who think “being real” is rude.

Don’t you people sick of being fake?

Pretend they care about us but actually they’re just dying to know things? Like “Why don’t you bring Dave?” means they’re curious if you’re dating Dave or whoever depending on how you would answer them (I don’t date Dave, it’s just a sample name). They start to conclude your situation by their own shallow opinion based on your reaction.

Why should us be nice to those kind of people? Just because we don’t want to be called arrogant? Indifferent? Just to blend in? Be normal? No, that’s not normal. You know you hate them, it’s not normal to act nice if you don’t like them. Too many appropriateness, too many rules in society for being “nice” and “attentive” which is annoying.

Why normal doesn’t seem normal for me? Fit in with society even though it is so sick, racist, and defame you like a back-stabber but act nice in front of your very eyes?

Are this people everywhere?

Or is it only in Indonesia?

Where people throw smile just to show how nice they are even if it’s just a “counterfeit”.



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