The Rooftop. Last Night.


My personal collection:

I picture you. Your eyes and your lips. Those are my favorite things to see and I wish to see them everyday in my life endlessly. But how could you are not mine?

How and why?

We are so close yet so distant. You are the hidden treasure I finally found among the uncertainty and lies. But why you are not mine?

Then why you held me close in the rain, stroked my hair with your gentle gesture, and showered me the purest affection? I’m in love and I can’t undo it.

Can we just forget who we are?

Just be who we want tonight. At this lonely rooftop hotel. You, me, and the bright night sky. Talking about life and memories like we have known each other since forever. Nobody is matter enough to replace this moment, because tonight I’m all yours and you’re mine.




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