Two Souls and Memories

It was a rainy day in Adelaide when I first saw you waving at me. I wasn’t really sure that you did really wave at me. A tall and dark skinned man in blue sweater with heart as warm as my favorite drink at Cibo. It was you and all your flaws.

Then there was our first “hi” for the uncountable togetherness. If only I wasn’t late for the class and you didn’t miss the earlier bus from Malvern… we would never meet. From the casual “talking-over-coffee” in Adelaide CBD to romantic hot air balloon champagne. From one friendly hug to nights of passionate kiss. From a sweet and shy conversation to a wild and honest topic in the mid-night.

But can’t we be like this forever?

Can I spend forever with you? Then how long is forever?

We’ve never been a lover nor a friend. We are just two lost souls finding someone to fulfill our empty heart and accidentally it was happened to be you and me. From million people it was just you that had a chance to fill my heart, as much as I might suffocated by the huge amount of oxygen. I need to breathe in to it but I can’t handle it without breathing out.

Why there should be you? Have you ever questioned why there was me? Why did you see me and ask me things? Why I stopped and mesmerized by your beauty from afar?

Don’t you know that your almond shaped eyes are the black hole that can suck me inside of you forever in a complete darkness? But instead of scared of being sucked inside, I’d rather be there in the complete darkness for you. I may lost the track of time and dimension inside your deep hypnotizing eyes, even when the death come nearer I still can’t tell where I am.

As the plane crashing down… all I can see is you holding me and I have no fear to die.


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