A Thin Line Between Love and Lust


Kuta Lombok @fatcateatstacos

“Every time I see you, all I wanna do is to make you happy… I promise you this until one day we’ll be apart.”

“If you promise me happiness why would you leave me?”

“It’s because we have to. Our romance is not meant to be forever…”

“Why me? Why not anybody else? You will make me suffered after all…”

“We both will be suffered…”

“Then you’re so selfish that you refuse to be suffered all by yourself.”

“I won’t be suffered if I never had a chance to care and to fall in love with you. I’ll be suffered because I know how it feels to love you and suddenly have to leave you…”

“Then, don’t start… so, no one will be suffered from the pain after the separation.”

“But I can’t… I just can’t live this moment without you. I’ve never been this happy with anybody but you.”

Have you ever met anybody who comes to you, makes you care, and has a plan to leave you? Is that love? Or is that lust?



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