Gouache for Fun

I rarely paint with water color or gouache, but I recently feel the needs of little exploration with medium I’ve never used is really necessary. I’m not brave enough to try the oil painting (besides my apartment is pretty small to keep the canvases and messy tubes). My technique is still rigid, I really want to improve my skill in water color as much as the gouache, I use the digital media for too long and my hand doesn’t get used to manual media very well. Here my three women as the object of my experiment, hope you enjoy it.

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“Handmade” Wedding

This topic is out of the normal context I usually write, but I just kinda feel like talking about my #majorthrowbackmoment in October 2016.

Nowadays outdoor party is very popular among the young couple, but my husband and I already craved for this since years before it was even booming. It’s my dream wedding since I was in the college.

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Indonesian and Their Principle of Communality.

Indonesia is one of the biggest population in the world that most of them hold the principle of communality. The principle of communality makes Indonesians accustomed to care on each other, which is good but sometimes it’s just too much till it’s crossed the line. As simple as asking: “how old are you?”, “when will you get married?”, or “when will you have babies?” and so on, seem normal for Indonesians. What’s bugging me is, how they deny that questions as a mere sign of concern? Every time they just wanna do the courtesy they ask such questions to start the conversation, which for me is pretty disturbing.

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Random quote template I made in 2010 with Paper by 53

How many mistakes have you done in your life? Countless?

It’s good to have mistakes, from the small error to a terrible blunder. Mistakes make us learn to evolve, it improves us, and it changes us. People can only be improved by learning, it’s not only from school but something that can teach them outside the school.

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Room Collection 1.0

Recently I’m into drawing colorful room and interior, I think I miss some comfortable spaces I could not afford by living in apartment. Even though I love my apartment (I sometimes can reach everything within the distance of my arms’ length :p), I still crave for a space like home.

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A Miracle of Destiny


“If something has destined to you, never in million years it can be someone’s else.”

“Have you ever imagined how your spouse is going to be look like?” she asked him.

“No… totally no idea. How’s bout you?” he asked her back.

“I think he must be a smart guy…”

“Do you consider yourself as a sapiosexual, or what?” he chuckled.

“No… well… I don’t know. I always feel engaged with a smart conversation…”

“If your match is coming by the decision of God from long time ago, how’s bout people who’s living alone until now? Does it mean that he has no match decided since God created him?” he asked her.

“Humans are created to be in pairs, now it’s our decision to reach our own destiny, whether to keep looking for the life partner or stop trying.” she answered.

“What if they can’t find until now?”

“God always bless people who never stop struggling at anything, including looking for a husband/wife. Just… never stop looking for the right one.”

“But I still don’t get it. What if they can’t find any?”

“They can. It just depends on how they accept potential match’s deficiency. If they keep looking for the perfect or ideal one, of course they won’t get the spouse very easy. Or maybe they’ll just end up being alone.”

“I see…” he smiled.

“I don’t want to have a relationship that has an end,” she said.

“Then you better pick me, because I’ll make your relationship works out,” he smiled.

“How does it feel to see someone everyday for the rest of your life? Sleeping next to him, and waking up beside him? He becomes the first person you see before you close your eyes and he becomes the first person you see after you open your eyes,” her friend asked her.

“It feels… amazing.” she smiled.

The Stages of Jealousy

“Sometimes having a jealousy in a relationship between two lovers is a good sign, why? If your significant other can seem rather be fine with whatever you do all the time, then it’s either they truly can let you do what you want to do or they simply don’t care about you anymore at all.”

They told me.