Meine Zuhaus: Interpretation of Abstract


Mein Zuhaus – Gouache on Mixed Media Paper (2017)

How much do you miss your home? I’m one of those sentimental people who always missing their home and their family. Living in an urban city is not easy, as everything moves so fast, like it’s fast-forwarded at every second we try to catch a breath for a moment.

Urban city leaves less beautiful memory, it’s mere a dream that has faded away washed by reality. It’s a hallucination of being great, powerful, and lavish, but you’re poor and bored on the daily basis. You won’t have a chance just to be grateful for waking up in the morning and still alive, but you curse everything why you have to be breathing so that you have to keep working for something you don’t like.

Life is cruel in the urban city, you don’t sleep well, you don’t feel like home. You need to pay the rent, you pay for the food you hate, you pay for a sleazy and slow transportation to roam. You will always miss your home, in a small village in your hometown where everybody seems happy and afar from a frustrating life in the big city.

Do you miss your home? Because I do. Everyday.

Gouache for Fun

I rarely paint with water color or gouache, but I recently feel the needs of little exploration with medium I’ve never used is really necessary. I’m not brave enough to try the oil painting (besides my apartment is pretty small to keep the canvases and messy tubes). My technique is still rigid, I really want to improve my skill in water color as much as the gouache, I use the digital media for too long and my hand doesn’t get used to manual media very well. Here my three women as the object of my experiment, hope you enjoy it.

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Lesson 16: Utopian Landscape

“The backyard is place of refuge and a great subject for a landscape; in the warmer months, it is the first place I retreat to after a long day of work. The backyard is also a space where a lot of activity happens, and unlike the front yard, the backyard is less formal. I spend a lot of time in my backyard sitting, reading, looking, and drawing; at times it feels like a second studio. For this painting, I wanted to document a moment between activities that suggests pause. The rugs drying on the line while the light rakes across the grass implies that silent reflection.”

Interpretation of North Shore Carpet Beaters Union – SketchBook Pro for iPad 2017

Sadly, since I moved to Jakarta the Capital City, the city of lights and sins, whatever that is, I never had a place called home with backyard and serenity. I miss the backyard madness, the conversation, the memories, the moments I left behind.

It’s pretty hard to imagine the sense of enjoying the backyard situation, therefore I took a chance to interpret the painting from Timothy Calaghan’s book: One Painting A Day. The image of North Shore Carpet Beaters Union has been recreated into different style and media, digital painting. Thank you for the inspiration and the book that make me feel excited to keep on going with my drawing project in the middle of my 9hr/5days work.

Your BFF


Rendezvouz (2017) – SketchBook for Android

She sat alone in the campus library busy typing lot of words on her laptop. She’s addicted to get to know stranger virtually, she will be online at anytime as long as she can find a virtual partner to share her dirty little secret.

Syracuse101: Wanna meet? (11.30 PM)

dWom4n13: I don’t do rendezvous w a stranger (11.30 PM)

Syracuse101: I thought we’r BFF </3 (11.31 PM)

dWom4n13: I’v nvr said dat, LOL (11.33 PM)

Syracuse101: Too late, I’ve knwn u (11.35 PM)

dWom4n13: nice try, I chnge my accnt at evry nu chat (11.35 PM)

Syracuse101: Im d only 1 prson who knows u, bcs evry1 u had a chat w was me (11.36 PM)

dWom4n13: U’r strange. Im out. (11.38 PM)

Syracuse101: Too late, Im rite here. (11.38 PM)

Syracuse101 goes OFFLINE.


“Nice to know your secret,” as she heard the voice, her vision started to fade away.

-CH for #socialstatus

The Stages of Jealousy

“Sometimes having a jealousy in a relationship between two lovers is a good sign, why? If your significant other can seem rather be fine with whatever you do all the time, then it’s either they truly can let you do what you want to do or they simply don’t care about you anymore at all.”

They told me.

Mi Pequeña Familia

These first series of my works is titled “Mi Pequeña Familia” or “My Small Family” in English translation. I actually had no purpose on giving a Spanish title for these works, I just enjoyed how it sounds. Mi Pequeña Familia sounds very humble and simple to be used to call this works. It’s depicting a simplicity of happiness where seeing your beloved one and living together with them is something to be thankful everyday.

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